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Global Tool & Die, Inc. has been specializing in trim dies since 1993.  We are a family-owned and operated American business that specializes in trim dies, fixtures, and CNC machining.  Global Tool & Die offers consistent quality products with short lead times and highly competitive rates. 

With a strong emphasis on precision, we add value to your product by improving the operation and reducing the cost of your trim tools.  Our expert staff works with you through the entire development process to create cost-effective solutions for all your tooling applications, ensuring stable and automated operations.


Precision is crucial to prolonged strength and increased lifespan of your tooling products.  Our skilled staff works incessantly to make sure your trim tools are shaped to perfection so they operate efficiently, reduce wear- and- tear and increase the overall lifespan of all your tools. 


In today’s competitive market, we understand the importance of manufacturing high-quality products at affordable rates.  Building with accuracy and testing for performance, Global Tool is dedicated to constructing only the best quality tools.  Our main goal is providing you with valuable resources on which you can depend, time and again, at an unbeatably low price.


With over thirty years of experience in the field, our workforce spans generations combining traditional know-how with contemporary expertise.  Infusing conventional wisdom with modern technology, Global Tool transpires creative genius leading to cost-effective tooling and loyal patronage from our esteemed clients, giving us an edge in today’s manufacturing market. 

We aim to meet your goals and achieve complete satisfaction by producing quality trim tools that last a lifetime.  Our reliable service, visionary attitude and constructive team strive to produce the results you want every time!

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